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Liberate The Podcast: We aim to educate, motivate, inspire and liberate your consciousness! Episode 30: The 5 Elements of Mind & The Akashic Records.

"Every human being has an energetic light grid that exists within the Akasha, that corresponds with the 5 Elements. So it's mental, physical, emotional, spiritual. And what happens in an Akashic reading is when an individual comes into that experience and is asking questions and receiving answers from their Masters, Teachers & Loved Ones, they start to resonate to a higher frequency of truth. And that is the soul level truth. In the 5 Elements work, you're moving through each of those elements - ego, mental body, physical body, emotional body and soul body - to get to the soul-level truth. So it's these 2 modalities that are very similar but have a different flavor of getting to the heart."

- Helen Vonderheide, Akashic Record Practitioner & Teacher.

Find Helen at www.justbeetrue2you.com.

"There is always a way to get through the issue, whether it's shame or conflict or whatever. You'll always find a way. You're never fully blocked, its just stuck energy. You just need to move it around." 
- Julian Sambrano, Artist, 5 Elements of Mind Practitioner, Akashic Records Practitioner, Clairvoyant & Energy Healer at Liberate Emporium in Los Angeles, CA.
Find Julian at www.mostlyangelsla.com
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