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Liberate The Podcast: We aim to educate, motivate, inspire and liberate your consciousness! With host Cristina Dam and Shahram Shiva, Author, Spiritual Teacher, and one of the original popularizers of Rumi in the west.

Episode 57: Shahram Shiva: The 12 Laws Of Self-Realization.

"'About 800 years ago in the time of Rumi was a massive time of shift in the west. The 13th century when Rumi lived was a major upgrade. Humanity - those were in tune to it, obviously not everyone - they received an upgrade which was a very important message that spirituality is not about blood sacrifice, it's not about getting your knowledge from books... it's about tapping into yourself. Have a little bit of compassion and you're going to go far. It's simple. You have to keep it simple, it's 2000 years ago [laughter]. And 800 years ago with Rumi, his message was earth-shattering: that there is no Father, Son and Holy Ghost which is a trilogy that's been used for a long time in religion - that God lives in your heart, as you. Very poetic message, but that's about as far as you could go 800 years ago. So what Rumi did was he brought the outside deity and merged it in you -unified it with you as a preparation for today's message: that there is no outside deity. There is Universal energy of course - it's Love energy - but you, in fact, are the deity. You are the deity. That is the message. That is the next level."

- Shahram Shiva

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