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Liberate The Podcast host Cristina Dam speaks with infamous and revered Astrologer Susan Miller of Astrology Zone!

"Astrology calms you down. You realize that you're getting tested for a reason and you tend not to have that 'why me' kind of question. When you're going through a hard time or maybe you're in pain, and you look out the window and everyone looks like they know where they're going, they know what they're doing, their life is in perfect order... and that's just an illusion. Everybody is dealing with something that they wish they could fix. And many people will fix it but it takes time and we have to learn patience and we have to do it step by step. 

You talked about Spirituality. I don't feel that astrology is a replacement for religion. As a matter of fact, I feel God created astrology to help us understand life. And in the horoscope wheel the 9th house is the house of dogma or religions, and the 12th house is belief. You just either believe or you don't. It comes from your heart. So those two houses work together. That's not to say everybody needs to be religious, but I feel the role of religion is to teach us ethics and how to treat each other. I love the bible stories and all that, I'm so Catholic (laughs). 'When you smell roses, it means Saint Teresa is near'... I just love these mystical things. But... astrology helps you have an examined life. Time can go through your fingers. You need some signposts." 
- Susan Miller, Astrology Zone

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