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Liberate The Podcast! Episode 53: Erica Ormsby: I AM. Happy. Healthy. Free. With host Cristina Dam.

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"I kept finding myself wanting to create what I wanted for my life based on other peoples' expectations and other peoples' ideas of who I needed to be, even if it was never explicitly said... this looking outward. As a child, thinking 'to be successful, you need do this this... to be liked, you need to do this... to be loved, you need to do this.' That's kind of how we roll until we have some type of shift of awareness.

What I'm sharing about today is personal power. I truly believe powerlessness is an illusion. Meaning that the idea that our freedom is outside, our happiness is outside, our health is outside of us - has been such a profound misunderstanding."

- Erica Ormsby, International Best-selling Author, Speaker & Entrepreneur.

Find Erica at www.ericainspired.com Find us at www.liberatehollywood.com

Join Erica at Liberate Hollywood on Saturday, September 15th, 2018 from 1:00 - 4:00 PM for a workshop & book signing.Tickets available at www.liberatehollywood.com.

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