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Episode 60: Kristin Mothersbaugh | Coming Out Of The Spiritual Closet

"I think what really needs to be expressed for me is that I do really genuinely believe in this work, and I do do psychic work. And I think that's something that I've kept hidden even while I've done tarot, and now I'm channelling stuff in my tarot. I usually steer clear of the psychic stuff and say, 'Well, I'll read the cards.' I don't include a lot of the beauty of the work, which really started when I got Reiki Certified in 2016. That's when all the psychic stuff really opened up for me.

It's a bit scary because 'coming out' spiritually... how do you know what you're talking to and what you're channelling? And is it evil? And all of these questions, and I have to be prepared to deal with that... But it's helping all of us to be our authentic selves. To really find what is our truth? What do we really believe? What's our connection?"

- Kristin Mothersbaugh

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