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Liberate The Podcast: We aim to educate, motivate, inspire and liberate your consciousness! Episode 41: The Mechanics Of The Universe: 


"The biggest part of my journey has been a journey with water. I say that water adopted me. December 24th 2010, I went swimming in a lagoon inside of a cave on the island of Kauai. It's a lagoon inside of a cave called the blue room. I felt that when I came out of the water there, I say that water initiated me and adopted me. I could feel my entire energy field had changed. My two-way conversation with Creator had begun. All of a sudden all of these very specific messages started to come through me. I literally felt like I had tuned into a radio station that was talking inside of my head. It was telling me where to go, what to do, to pray with water, and to walk around the earth to do these prayers and blessings. At the time I had never heard of grids and ley lines or energy lines of the earth. They're like the energy meridians of our body, so in Chinese medicine, when we see the map of the human body, there are all these lines that go down the human body and those are called the meridians. Well the earth has exactly the same energy lines. I found out later that I was walking the grids and ley lines of the earth. Guidance was telling me where water vortexes were underneath the earth that couldn't be seen and was asking me to do prayers and light language and leave crystals, and so basically I've been walking this amazing journey and praying with the earth."

- Unity Grace, Oracle, Bridge-Builder, Ascension Coach, Blueprint-Buster, Water-Bearer. Find Unity on Facebook under Unity Grace.

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