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Liberate The Podcast host Cristina Dam speaks with David Palmer, The Leo King: world-famous Celebrity Astrologer, Electronic DJ, Professional IJSBA PWC Racer, and Entrepreneur.

Liberate The Podcast: We aim to educate, motivate, inspire and liberate your consciousness! Episode 48: The Leo King: Astrology, Eclipses, Spirituality & Creativity

ON A PERSONAL NOTE: "I feel like the journey of awakening always starts with disaster. 'Oh, now I'm awake and I'm realizing my unconscious self and where it was stuck.' ... I was a used car salesman... long story short, my life started coming together when I followed my creative journey.

I combined astrology and house music and did house music horoscopes. I tried to do really weird stuff and at the same time, I got on some big reality shows on TV and tried to push astrology in the mainstream. They laughed at me. The producers wrote me in as a joke. That was really harmful to my heart. It hurt my heart a lot because I was genuinely trying to help people."

ON ECLIPSES: "When eclipses happen they are divinely timed moments by God. I'm a big believer in portals and I believe that the veil is the most thin during eclipses. The Universe is trying to take your life in a better direction. We have to get our egos out of the way. We have to say, 'Okay... maybe I was off-track. Maybe this is trying to get me back on track in my life.' Because solar and lunar eclipses are literally about alignment. The sun and the moon are aligned. It's like a chiropractic alignment."

- David Palmer, The Leo King.

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