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The Keys To Manifesting


 The Keys To Manifesting

Liberate The Podcast! Episode 99 | The Keys To Manifesting

with host Cristina Dam & guest Reverend Doreene Hamilton



As a multidimensional healer, Doreene has been using her spiritual gifts since her youth.  As a child of Jamaican immigrants, Doreene was raised in a household where she was allowed to explore her gifts as a Clairvoyant and a clairaudient.  Her studies in tarot and numerology came soon after. As a child Doreene was considered the original caller ID because she was able to tell her Mom who was calling before she answered the phone. 

She was told by one of her Spiritual Teachers that she was a Healer and thus began her journey into the many healing modalities. Doreene is a certified Spiritual Healer, a Reiki Master, Certified Angel Team Healer, a Pranic Healer, certified Soul Processor and an Access Bars Facilitator.  To her this just means she is channel for Divine Light and Love. An amazing multifaceted healer that helps clients transform and heal on a deep inner level.

Doreene has a sarcastic sense of humor, and warm character that will astound your senses. As a Clairvoyant, Medium and Tarot Reader, she talks directly to your soul and replenishes with pure love. As a Healer she can perform miracles if your mind is open and willing to accept being free from the things that block you from the true essence of your being.

Through your guides, teachers and ancestors, she brings forth not only the answers to your questions, but messages you need to hear. Her goal is to teach you how to manifest the things in your life you not only have dreamed of having, but also the things you truly deserve.



Book a remote reading or energy healing with Reverend Doreene via phone or Skype, or book an in-person session at Liberate Emporium. She can help you with personally with your keys to manifesting as well! Book online at www.LiberateEmporium.com 

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