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The Healing Artist

Liberate The Podcast: We aim to educate, motivate, inspire and liberate your consciousness! With host Cristina Dam and guest Kiara Tenae, Reiki Master & Urban Zen Integrative Therapist.

Episode 59: Kiara Tenae | The Healing Artist.

"I was just on a path. You start studying, you start seeking, asking for truth, asking why you're here, asking your purpose and not accepting anything less. And it's led me to this amazing path of healing. And I think most healers, their reasoning for wanting to go into it stems from some pain, or wanting to heal themselves. My purpose and mission is just to hold space and remind others that they're not alone, and that they are their highest healer. We heal ourselves first."

- Kiara Tenae

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Find Kiara at https://www.liberatehollywood.com/kiara-tenae/

Join Kiara at Liberate Hollywood on New Year's Eve for her specially-curated, drug-and-alcohol-free Conscious Celebration - Meditate Til Midnight! Meditate Til Midnight will include a Cacao Ceremony, Kimetic Yoga, Intention Candle Ritual, Vegan Food, Sacred Movement, Reiki Healing, Astrology & Tarot readings and Guided Meditation.

More info & tickets here:

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