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The Divine Feminine

Liberate The Podcast: We aim to educate, motivate, inspire and liberate your consciousness! Episode 29: The Divine Feminine. 

"We are symbolic beings. We are archetypal beings. Try to be aware of your archetypal self more. You're a lawyer and you're going into the court case, step into your archetypal self, see yourself symbolically. That's not the same person that has sex later and that's not the same person that cuddles with children later. We step into these roles and these roles are archetypal forces. When you're in the courtroom you're Athena. When you're cuddling your children, maybe you're Hera, maybe you're Mary. Maybe you're Hathor in the bedroom. There are these different archetypes within us, and we are so oblivious. The archetypal self is the 4th dimension. It is the dream-body which is our astral body and 4th-dimensional body. Every person has a purpose, and that purpose is expressed through some archetypal forms whether you're an Athena, or an Artemis, a Hera, a Venus, a Persephone, whatever archetypes are working through you. If you can become aware of how you express that divine feminine through yourself, that is really powerful. How does your Venus look? What kind of clothes does your Venus like to wear? Knowing your inner archetypes is really powerful, so that when you get dressed for your day, you dress your archetype and you connect to it."

- Carisa Bianca Mellado, Artist & Musician, Reiki Master, Tarot Reader & Archetype Expert, Spiritual Traveler & Teacher. 

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