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Liberate The Podcast: We aim to educate, motivate, inspire and liberate your consciousness! Episode 46: Stepping Into Your Authentic Self. 

"I was so unhappy at work, and then I had this dream. My dad was dying all over again and I was trying everything I could to revive him. I could see his life meter going down - there were numbers escaping him. He grabbed my hands and looked at me and said, 'Let me die.' And he tapped my wedding ring. I woke up covered in tears. I knew, he wants me to move on. He wants me to look to my husband and see what this gift is and not to take advantage of this relationship with a man who totally adores me but I'm so caught up in my own unhappiness that I'm completely ignoring it."
"What benefits me most is my recovery time. If something doesn't work and I'm not feeling it anymore, it's okay to forgive myself that it doesn't work anymore and I'm allowed to pivot."

 - Andrea Aguilar, Reiki Practitioner & Soul's Purpose Coach. Find Andrea at www.PlayaVistaReiki.com 

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