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Liberate The Podcast: We aim to educate, motivate, inspire and liberate your consciousness! Episode 33: Spiritual Entrepreneurship & Conscious Business:

CRYS: "How could I make an impact in my own unique way on the planet by spreading love in some way? I ended up starting a clothing line in Denver, CO. I started screen-printing my own clothing and trying to hone in on how can you make something like Love - that's completely intangible - tangible. For me that was really just putting the intent behind the clothing. But I also developed a way to make tags that I put on every piece of clothing that say 'Love', and for me that just carries that vibration, and so that was kind of my idea and thinking of labeling our bodies with the vibration of Love."
CRISTINA: "Maybe this is part of what sparked you to do that, but I'm sure you're familiar with all of the water studies that have been done with words and sound vibration and even just different written words, and how it literally changes the molecular structure of the water molecule when it's flash frozen."
CRYS: "That's exactly where my thinking came from. I actually wrote a study about it with respect to the clothing that I was making. Our bodies are made of 80% water (or something to that extent) so it just made sense to me that when you actually label your body, it's essentially the same thing."
CRISTINA: "Labeling your body with love."

- Crys Shannon, Conscious Entrepreneur & Creator of Dose Apparel: Spiritual Streetwear. Follow @DoseApparel.

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