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On Happiness

Liberate The Podcast: We aim to educate, motivate, inspire and liberate your consciousness! Episode 31: On Happiness:

"Trying to figure out what happiness is for me has been a journey that I've taken over the last ten years. They say sometimes the things that you need to experience and learn yourself are the things that you're most able to help other people with. The last few years I've been doing extensive research on positive psychology, which is a relatively new aspect of the psychology field that's really come into its own over the last 20 years. Positive Psychology actually looks at the science of what makes us happy. They've done experiments about what makes people happy. What is this thing that evades us? It really is the driving force behind what everybody wants. If you ask anybody if they want to be happy, the answer is always going to be yes. We go about trying to achieve happiness from all these outside sources which is an interesting thing. But according to his research, circumstances only factor 10% in our happiness equation."

- Lisa Hall, Happiness Coach, Yogi & Entrepreneur.

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