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Liberate The Podcast: We aim to educate, motivate, inspire and liberate your consciousness! Episode 34: Meditation, Archetypes & Goddesses

"If I look at the Goddess archetype deconstructed - the full female person - we have access to all of those goddesses at all times. And by looking at them one by one, I can start to identify in myself, 'Oh, where is my Aphrodite? How does my Aphrodite come out in the world? Do I have enough Demeter going on? Could this situation use a little more of that mother energy?' Those goddesses are all aspects of the Great Goddess. A lot of different cultures have this. It's a theme that runs throughout the world through cultures that weren't talking to each other. This is just deep, primal, in-our-DNA recognition of these archetypes. And then through the meditation came this idea that if I can recognize these things in myself, all of us can recognize these things in ourselves. Men and women. To have a recognition through archetype, immediately - that identification says, 'Okay. I'm not alone.' There's a chance to get information from the archetype as opposed to fighting it or succumbing to it."

- Nina Millin, Actress, Meditation Facilitator, Goddess and Goddess Archetype Expert.

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