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Liberate The Podcast! Episode 51: Medical Intuitive Healer & Trance Medium Kimberly Meredith Channels Miraculous Miracles. With host Cristina Dam.

NOTE: We apologize for the audio quality and hope the amazingness of this conversation will make up for it. PS: Do we get to blame Mercury? We filmed on the retrograde station. #lessonlearned

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"After my near death experience in 2013, I went to the other side and an awakening happened to me - the Christ Light. I had pushed aside my gifts as a young child. They re-awakened to me after the accident. Then I became a full-blown trance medium. I channel many ascended masters and guides. They give me messages on a daily basis. Clients come to me from all over the world and I do medical intuitive scans. I scan peoples' bodies and I get information from my Spirit Team. I'm very nosy [*laughs*]. I go through everybody's body and I tell them everything that's wrong with them emotionally, physically. It could be an injury from a long time ago, it could be cancer or disease. I connect all the dots. I can do this in 2.5 to 3 minutes. I've been tested and I'm faster than an MRI or CT scan machine."

"It feels like the client is in a high, 5th-dimensional, cosmic state. Like when they're having surgery, they're under anesthesia. You go into this really cool energetic field and I do surgery on you and the tumor or the node is dissolved. I put things back together that are out of place. This is the energy of Christ Light - Christ Consciousness, I call it - which is feminine and masculine. The energy of God is that miraculous energy. And so it's me, and you and the energy coming through the body, which is here right now."

"Healing can take place within 3 to 4 seconds when we're tapped into this energy. Which is really exciting and joyous!"

- Kimberly Meredith

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Join Kimberly Meredith at Liberate Hollywood on Saturday, September 29th, 2018 from 4:00 - 8:00 PM as she channels Miraculous Miracles! Tickets available at www.liberatehollywood.com

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