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The Art Of Tarot

Liberate The Podcast: We aim to educate, motivate, inspire and liberate your consciousness! Episode 9: The Art Of Tarot. 

"The human story is such a fascinating and multi-faceted one that I don't think you can stuff it into just a quick 80 years here. Our existence is so large that having a little map is great. I sometimes refer to Tarot as a spiritual GPS. Or a nice map. You wouldn't hang a map on the wall and worship it, that's not what we're doing here. There are some people that are afraid of Tarot. They're like, 'Oh! That's very frightening!' But you have a GPS in your car. I will frequently say in a reading, "Let's come up the stepladder with me to the balcony and look down on your life. We have a better perspective up here.' Nothing is set in stone. That's the wonderful thing about tarot. These are the possibilities. These are options for you. You've been granted a gift that wasn't even given the angels, and that's the power of choice. And isn't it nice, standing here, that power has been returned to you. You can choose whichever way you'd like to go." 

Paul Jacek, Psychic, Master Tarot Reader & Teacher. 

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