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Liberate The Podcast: We aim to educate, motivate, inspire and liberate your consciousness! Episode 42: Magical Creativity & Wizardry In Your Life: 


"I really love working with archetypes, and when I think of the Wizard I think of this person that can conjure magic and alchemy, and transform something into something else. The human being is the thought alchemist. We transform our thoughts into physical reality. How cool is our superpower? We think it and it comes true! I think we've seen The Secret and all these different to-do guru-y things to tap us into this power of manifestation, but I think we need to get back to our little childhood self who started imagining being in space, the magic of seeing the stars and touching the moon rocks and what it would be like to build a home on the moon. And while that's kind of far out there, I think that a lot of our dreams feel that far out there for us, so really tapping into that yummy, kid-like imagination." 

- Morgan Carson, Artist, Entrepreneur, Author of Her Coloring Book.

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