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Life Before & After Reiki

Liberate The Podcast: We aim to educate, motivate, inspire and liberate your consciousness! Episode 4: Life Before & After Reiki 

"I had a lot of trauma when I was a child. I was just... in a lot of suffering a lot of the time. I went from high school to becoming a model and getting to travel around the world, which was on the one hand absolutely amazing, but the only way that I could actually survive my life was that I got paid $1500 in one day of work. So if the next 7 days I was depressed and couldn't go to work, it was okay because I could still survive. It really served me in a lot of ways, but... I'll just say it. The trauma was sexual abuse. And so here was another way that I was being sexualized, and everything was about what I looked like. And here I had this "beautiful exterior" and was in these magazines and all this stuff, and on the inside I was just dying. I did therapy and it did absolutely help, but it wasn't until the Reiki that I really feel like I began to deeply, deeply heal." 

- Nia Tracey Ostrand, Reiki Master & Teacher. Find Nia Tracey at www.turnyourshineon.com and on IG @turnyourshineon

UPDATE: Tracey is now known as Nia Tracey.

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