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Liberate The Podcast: We aim to educate, motivate, inspire and liberate your consciousness! With host Cristina Dam. Episode 56: Galactic Transmissions, Energy Clearings & Updates with Pleiadian Channel Vanessa Petronelli

"When I was in Mount Shasta I had a really incredible experience where my channel opened even more to the Pleiadian guides. They are a 5th to 7th-dimensional extra-terrestrial race - they say they are human beings in the future and they've come back now to help us with our spiritual awakening - to help us with our evolution as a species and inner consciousness, inner vibration - help us to really reach our fullest potential as human beings by activating more Love within us. Helping us to remember who we are."

- Vanessa Petronelli

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Find Vanessa Petronelli at www.vanessapetronelli.com 


Join Vanessa Petronelli at Liberate Hollywood November 17th for an evening of Galactic Transmissions, Energy Clearings + Updates. More info & tickets at www.liberatehollywood.com

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