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Finding Meaning In Pain

Liberate The Podcast: We aim to educate, motivate, inspire and liberate your consciousness! Episode 15: Finding Meaning in Pain.


"The whole idea is that if you're not forced to grow, you really lose your capacity for magic. And I feel like me having a hard time in life, and not living in a fully resonant manner - that was crucial. If I hadn't been so low in life, or if I hadn't gone so far off my path, I wouldn't be so far on it. So of course in a sense, you're never off your path no matter how far you resist it. Everything that happens on the path is part of the path. And if you think you're taking a really circuitous route or you're going in the opposite direction, that's part of the path. And if you're trying to sabotage yourself, that's part of the path. And if you're not growing and you feel like you're in stasis, that's part of the path. And it's only our judgmental self that says, 'Oh, well I wasn't on my path.' It really more means that I wasn't on the part of the path that I would recognize as forward. But forward is another ego term that's pretty prejudiced. God's never going to come down and say, 'You're not really going forward. You're wasting time.' If you take away your biggest screw-ups, your biggest self-sabotage, your biggest mistakes, you're going to take away the best parts of you later on."


- Mitch Artman, Social Worker & Energy Healer.

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